Thursday, February 5, 2009

oh yeah, the wedding

I recently read a post in a wedding blog in which the writer apologized for writing so little over the past few weeks. She maintained that she had been so busy with actual wedding planning that she hadn’t had time to write about it. I considered using that excuse here but I didn’t think you would believe me. So here is the real reason: I pretty much forgot about the whole wedding thing for ages. Then I remembered but I couldn’t be bothered talking about it.

You see, first there was Christmas and holidays and it was 2008 and my wedding was in April 2009 and that was like a zillion months away, and I got a wonderful new job and I was drawing and seeing people and planning and being happy. Planning a wedding seemed a lot less interesting than having a life.

But then suddenly it was January and the wedding was magically much, much closer. April, as it turns out, is the fourth month of the year, which is really rather sneaky. My airy declarations of “All the important stuff’s booked, the rest will take care of itself” sounded a little hollow. Apparently we are supposed to send out our invitations 8 weeks ahead of the date? Ridiculous! Anyway, I have been doing Wedding Things and the whole thing is moving along. Wedding invitations have been designed and are almost ready to go to the printer (more on that later) and a dress has been bought.

Yes, you heard me, I bought a dress. I’m not sure if it’s The Dress, though. I went shopping with my mum and found a lovely dress with a lot of the features I wanted: sleeves (or at least covered shoulders), bright colour, flattering cut. But I did have a particular type of dress in mind, and this one had some differences: It wasn’t any of the colours I had in mind, and it’s a bit low-cut for my liking (although I could pin a bit of lace there to save my blushes, like a character from a Victorian novel).

Anyway, I like this dress very much. If I find another, more perfect dress, I’ll get that and this will be a pretty party dress; if I don’t, this will do very nicely, and I can stop worrying about it. (In case you think I’m being extravagant, this dress was on sale for $70, and will do for almost any occasion.)

I’m getting pretty excited about this whole wedding thing. That reminds me: I must remember to get the licence.

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