Tuesday, April 14, 2009

aw jeez

I'm getting married in three days and I don't have my shoes. Just about everything else is taken care of, though.

I had a big fat freakout the other night. I stopped the car in a parking lot and cried hysterically while Robert patted my hair and soothed me (possibly while wondering if it was too late to escape). It was over something completely unimportant, which just acted as a trigger for all my stress and anxiety and worry about this whole thing to come pouring out, and I found myself making reasonable points like "WHAT IF NOBODY THINKS OUR MARRIAGE IS REAL BECAUSE IT'S NOT A SIT-DOWN DINNER" and "I SHOULD HAVE STARTED MAKING TISSUE-PAPER POMPOMS MONTHS AGOOOO-HOH-HOH!"

Deep breaths.


aaron said...

the bad news is you only have three days to finish everything. the good news is that in four days, it'll all be over!

Suzanne said...

lets be fair though, is anyone you're inviting REALLY the kind of person who's going to sniff at a wedding if they aren't given sugared almonds in a organza bag?

didn't think so. I, for one, am relieved that I'm not expected to rock up in a formal dress or anything.

Jessica McLeod said...

Aaron: that's so true! I am really excited about that part :)

Suzanne: I forgot to tell you that it is a costume wedding and you are supposed to be coming as a giant owl. Please start working on your costume now or YOU ARE GOING TO RUIN MY WEDDING.