Wednesday, October 1, 2008

dressing up

I've seen so many inspiration boards on the net I think it's getting to me. I signed up for Polyvore. I comfort myself with the knowledge that I am doing this during work hours. I am not so far gone that I would spend my own time on this.

My mum has asked if she can pay for my wedding dress. I would never have asked her to, but I'm happy to let her have her way! Luckily, we have similar tastes and generally think the same things are pretty. I've told her that I don't want a white dress and she is fine with that. (I have nothing against brides who wear white dresses, aesthetically or politically. I don't think that white carries the connotation of purity or virginity in our culture anymore, and it's a perfectly nice tradition. But I am all about colour.)

Dressing up is a wedding tradition that is important to me. I don't need a thousand dollar dress, and the thought of a $6,000 dress makes me feel a bit sick. But you can dress nicely without spending an enormous amount of money. I want to wear a dress, because I spend most of my time in jeans and skirts and t-shirts, and I want to make the importance of this day and this ritual by taking pains with my appearance.

I'm hoping I can find a pretty, comfortable dress in a shop, but if I can't, I'll probably get something made up by a local seamstress. I'd like to pay (well, I'd like my mum to pay) less than $200. I'll probably make my own accessories or buy them from artisans on Etsy. And I'll wear comfortable flat shoes which I can wear again to other occasions. (I don't own a pair of heels and never will.)

I'm not getting my hair and make-up done. This is mostly because I want to feel like myself on the day, not like a doll. I hate the feeling of Stuff in my hair, it just makes me want to wash it clean. And the only time I've worn foundation in the last ten years was for a dance recital (you don't want to look washed out under the lights, dahling). I'm not really interested in being fussed over, either. I'd rather spend the morning drinking champagne and hanging out with my friends. (Note to self: do not get drunk before your own wedding.)

I'll still feel dressed up, though. I'll wash and dry and brush my hair carefully, and I'll put on a little eyeliner and (waterproof) mascara. I'll be wearing my new dress and I'll polish my shoes ( note to self: do not wear the shoes for the first time on the day) and I'll put something pretty in my hair. That's enough for me, I think.


Annette said...

I'm glad someone else just wants to look like themselves and feel comfortable on their wedding day! I'm also going the minimal-fuss route, with just a little bit of makeup (that I'll put on myself) and a fancy hair accessory. I was looking on Etsy today and saw several beautiful headbands and fascinators - I probably could make something myself, but I'd just buy far more supplies than I need and waste lots of time, so I think I'll leave it to another crafter who specialises in those things :)

Anonymous said...

While I haven't gotten engaged yet, I am also going against traditions. I am planning to be a pretty pretty princess in a pink dress. I want my bridesmaids to be in white and my niece dressed like a fairy. I also want my dress made so that it looks good and no one can Say, "I've seen other brides wear that." I've also set my dress limit at $200. I'm planning ahead because my boyfriend doesn't like to plan anything. If I have all the ideas we can get right to it all.
I applaud you and your thrifityness!

Jessica McLeod said...

Annette: a wedding is an excellent excuse to put fancy things on your head!

Jessica McLeod said...

Livevnews: A fairy niece sounds like an awesome accessory ;)