Thursday, September 4, 2008

budget breakdown

Okay, on the weekend Robert (Grug) and I went over the budget for our wedding. While my parents have offered to pay for the alcohol (a huge relief, since this would be the most expensive part of the whole thing), we are trying to pay for everything else ourselves. Here is how we broke it down:

Venue: $200
Celebrant: $400
Jessica's clothes: $200
Robert's clothes: $200
Rings: $100
Decorations: $50
Food: $100
Invitations: $65
Wiggle room: $185

TOTAL: $1500

Our wedding is in late April, so we have 15 fortnights (we are both paid fortnightly) to save up. We added the wiggle room because a) it made it a nice, neat amount and b) we want to be prepared for surprises. We both have debt which we are paying off, and we are determined not to let this wedding add to our debt. So, from now on, we are each putting $50 a fortnight into our wedding fund. This may sound like a laughably small amount, but as most of our spare income goes into paying off our debts, it's the most that we can spare. If we get some extra money from other sources, we'll put it in there too. (That sounds rather sinister, like we are running numbers in our neighbourhood. I just mean money for Christmas or from selling comics.)

We have an extra incentive to stay inside our budget (and undercut it wherever possible) as we will be using whatever is left over for a little honeymoon. If it's just $150 left over, we'll get a nice hotel room for the night; if we have $400, we'll have a few nights in a bed and breakfast.

I'll post on each of the budget items over time, but this is essentially the plan we're following. Please tell me it's not crazy!


aaron said...

wiggle room is definitely a good idea. you never know when something might end up being more than expected/ hoped for, so it's good to know that's possible in advance and plan for it.

aaron said...

also, we made our invitations ourselves and probably spent at most what you have budgeted, so that's totally doable.

Ive said...

Oh man! Please tell me you are both drawing the invitations yourself!

A. Yzsaakc said...

While watching the film "IOUSA," I was strangely delighted to learn about Australia's compulsory savings system. Which many Americans would probably find blasphemous, but it might be what we really need right now. (I'd like to learn more.)

goraina said...

You might want to adjust somewhere else so you have a teeny bit more to spend on food. Unless you're just having crackers and cheese! Food always ends up being more expensive than you expect...

dirttree said...

I am particularly looking forward to the wiggle room. I am gonna wiggle like nobody's business!


vetch said...

Are you making your dress?

Cale said...

Hi there, I found your blog on indiebride. My best budget wedding buy has been rings - we found our beautiful vintage rings in an antique shop. They feel more individual than chain store jewelery and they were heaps cheaper too. Hope this helps and happy planning!