Wednesday, September 3, 2008

venue = booked!

Well, I just booked the venue for the ceremony. This feels very real all of a sudden!

We're having the ceremony at my old University. Since I now work for them, we get the venue at half price. It's still $200, which feels steep, but it also really feels like the right place to have it. We were considering public parks, some of which would have been free, but we wouldn't have been able to stop people having a barbeque or a game of football next to us. And this particular location is one that is special to me. I spent many hours there, usually reading alone. It's my favourite place on campus: it's quiet, shaded by trees, and it feels a little like an outdoor cathedral. Since we're having the reception/party at my parents' house, I'm happy to spend a little on the ceremony venue. I really want to be standing outside, under trees.


Ive said...

So this means the date is 100% for reals? I seriously need to be at this thing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess!

This is Pants (_pants_) and I've been following your LJ for a few years now but rarely post these days.

Firstly congrats on your engagement!
It's an exciting time provided you remind others that it's your special time ;)

Second, I wanted to pass on some wedding budgeting advice from one modern woman to another. My husband and I got married in 2006 (I'm now 27, he's 26) and did everything ourselves - the only thing that our parents insisted on paying for was the reception and the drinks at said reception. I didn't believe in the whole white wedding and spending a ridiculous amount on a dress I was going to wear once. I wore black and my dress cost me just under $400 from a small designer boutique in Subi. Basically what your average teenager would spend on a dress for the school formal these days!

Since we're both designers, we designed and printed our own invitations, incidental cards and signs etc. for the venue and saved ourselves a ton of money.

I'm probably going on a bit here. I just wanted to pop in and say congrats and let you know that it is totally possible to pull off a fantastic wedding for very little cost. Just keep in mind that it's you and your husband-to-be's special day and not every relative and acquaintance who feels the need to put their 5 cents worth of wisdom into your planning process.

Good luck!
Bree (aka. Pants)

Anonymous said...

You're still not letting us know the date? Meanie! I'm guessing i'll be in Europe but who knows, maybe I'm lucky and it's sooner than I'm expecting? That would be cool. I could be a wedding photographer! *excited*