Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I wrote a while ago about bouquet alternatives and made the following statement:
To tell you the truth, though, I think I'm going to drop into a florist on the morning of my wedding. I've never been in a florist's without liking at least some of the flowers, and I figure I'll find a pretty bunch and make them into a bouquet myself. If I can't find anything I like, I'll just grab a bunch of daisies from my mum and dad's garden!
Since then, however, I have talked to my mum, and she has made it clear that she would like to pay for my bouquet, and that she would like it to be a Bouquet, not a bunch of daisies. I'm fine with that; I'm going without so many traditional elements that I figure I should give in on this one. It's a mother-daughter Fun Thing, right? (Note: it is probably only a Fun Thing if you are not too bothered by the outcome; if you are going to burst into tear on finding that you can't afford orchids, or that tulips won't be in season, it will be just another Stressful Wedding Thing.)

So. Flowers! I, like most people, like flowers in the abstract but am not too knowledgable about the names of my favourites. Luckily, I have the internet to tell me what is in season when, and give me pretty pictures!

Photos by ComputerHotline

Poppies are so lovely! They're fragile and asymmetrical and windblown and romantic.

Photo by Vaula

Anemones are similar but more simple and very sweet.

Photo by Flickrolf

I'm not sure what this flower is, but it's lovely. (I can see that I definitely do have a specific taste in flowers!) I think it must be a poppy or a relative, since the buds are similar. This photo is fantastic, too-- it looks like a snapshot from the seventies.

Photo by John Hann

Daffodils will be in season in autumn, and they're lovely. They might be a bit too structured for what I'm envisioning, though.

Photo by wolfgang.wedenig-wuschL

And I honestly do love the idea of carrying daisies on my wedding day. Unpretentious, pretty and low-maintenance!


Raina said...

A smart florist could definitely do a daisy bouquet! And maybe mix in something else, even if they're just greens. I didn't realize how much i was going to covet my bouquet until I got it...then I didn't put it down for the rest of the night. :)

Anonymous said...

That unknown one looks magnolia-ish to me. The poppies are gorgeous and would make a very interesting bouquet.

Suzanne said...

Does this mean I get permission to use the felt and button one for my eventual wedding?